Web app and Native app

Hello Team,

I am so happy to use Bubble , it makes everything easier
now I have a an app Idea and will start building it with the payment plan , but my app should be web app as well as Native app .
so I see I have an option to change the page to be native , but that is not what i want , I want to build both apps Web and Native to be exact the same
so I was thinking to build the web app first and then use any tool to convert it to Native app rather than create two apps !
is this possible ? or if you have another Idea can help me out , thanks

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Depending on which platform you want to make your native app on will depend on the software outside of bubble you will require. Using the software SuperViewer will suit your needs. In regards to having the native app and web app working at the same time, it works like that already! You can leave the web page in “Native Mode” and it will make no difference to the performance on another device. If you prefer for your site to redirect mobile users to another page, you can use this feature located in the page settings.

Hope this answers your questions! :smiley:

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