Building mobile native app, can I "back engineer" it to be web app too?

I want to use bubble to make a native mobile app as well as web app. Is it preferable to build one type first making creating the other type easier later?

To create a native app with Bubble you will want to build the mobile website first on a single page. Then you can convert this to a native app with wrappers and other tools and decide if you want to add animations.

So while developing your native app you also learn how to build a website. There are some best practices for a mobile site vs. a mobile app.

For example you need to have everything on one page with a mobile app in Bubble but when you build a mobile website it can be advantageous for speed of the website to not have too many elements on 1 page and create new pages.

If you create everything on 1 page it will load slower initially but it will also load quickly between when navigating between the different sections of the site

Evan Little

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