Best practise for userprofile data

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I am building an app where I need to have a group of users to be able to see each other (Users from the same organisation should see each other, but not anyone from another organisation). The users will have extensive profile-data.

A user will for instance have to be able to select another employee in a form. They only have to see the name, but still need access to the data.

Is there anyone who knows what the best practise for this is?

  1. Use the user-table and pour everything into that
  2. Split the data up in 2 tables, so one is for just login credentials and Role etc. The second table is then for all data like phone number, address, image etc. IE: Data that doesn’t have anything to do with security.

Any ideas to what is the best approach?

Doesn’t really make much of a difference in my opinion. Having a separate table for some data makes sense if your use case demands it, or if you have too many fields on your data type (>20 ish).

Until then, you could simple set up privacy rules that allow certain users to see certain fields on a user, or maybe even see no fields of a user unless they share the same team etc.

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