Best practise to store a full 'resume' in the database

Hi all,

So one part of our platform has candidate profiles, which we can enrich full career histories via an api on our other platform (non bubble).

What I’m trying to figure out, is the best way to store the candidates variable length career history. E.g. one candidate may have 10 jobs in the past, the other 1.

An obvious solution is to have in the database:

Career History 1 - Job title
Career History 1 - company name
Career History 1 - description
Career History 1 - start date
Career History 1 - from date

Career History 2 - Job title
Career History 2 - company name
Career History 2 - description
Career History 2 - start date
Career History 2 - from date

And so on, but that can get a little messy - and as Bubble always pulls through the entire ‘thing’ will slow down things for candidates with only 1 job, for example.

Can anyone suggest a solution, or suggestion how best to structure this?

Bumping this up, to see if anyone has any ideas?

It doesn’t seem very optimal to create as in my post, so i’m not sure if there is a way to do it with lists, or some other way

Here’s how I would approach this.

Create a “Job” type. Give it all of the fields you want like title, company, description, etc. I would also recommend giving the job type a field called “Parent User” that is a user type.

On your user or candidate type, create a field called “Jobs” that is a list of the Job type you just made previously.

Here is an example workflow for adding a job to a candidates profile. This assumes there is an input form with the necessary info.

1. Create a new “Job” -> fill out your inputs here. Make sure you make the parent user the correct user here.

2. Make changes to User -> “Jobs” add to list (result of step one)

3. Reset inputs (or whatever else you need to do)

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This is a good idea. I was trying to keep it all on one record to make it easier for exporting to csv/excel - but I can’t see an easy way to do that, and this seems simple. Thank you!