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Best solution of sending mail to User list?

I tried to find the best way, but cannot find the answer.

I want to broadcast to the users by using “send mail action”, and set “To” as “Do search for User’s email”, but this is not good for security because all of the recipients can see all the “To mail list”

Then, how about “Scheduling lsit API” ?
I don’t think it is nice alternatives because of the application capacity.
(ref [New Feature] Scheduling API workflows can now be done recursively)

Then, I think the best way to do broadcasting is setting “send mail action”'s BCC as the user mail list, and “To” as my company domain email address like “[email protected]

I want to hear from any advice of sending malil to list of users.
Do you know the better solutions?

Thank you .

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This one is the easiest.


Thank you for replying .
I know “how to build” shcedule list API, but I don’t think it is not good as I mentioned.

Using either an API workflow on a list, or a recursive API workflow should help you solve this without blowing your app’s capacity and within a reasonable timeframe.

BCC is generally not considered “best practice”, as it’s frowned upon by a lot of spam filters, etc.

Can you be a bit more specific on why an API workflow doesn’t suit your needs?

It depends on the urgency of the emails. If you don’t mind spreading them over an hour or two, then that won’t hit capacity. API on a List is the way to go in that case.

Alternatives are using something like Postmark to send out batch emails from a single API call.

But I think that would be overengineering it for the moment.

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thank you .
according to the following quoted topic, the recommended number of list is 50 - 100 items, and each work interval is 5 sec.
In my app, the number of user is estimated to be more than thousand, which takes 5000 sec or more.

I’d consider that recommendation to be very much on the safe side. For a workflow like this, it’s likely you can space it out with 0.5 - 1 seconds and just keep an eye on the capacity meter the first times you’re running it (and even lower the delay if your capacity can handle it).

Since you’re not putting that much strain on Bubble in this workflow (I presume), you can probably get a way with a pretty short delay.

If your list is long, it’s generally more stable to use recursive workflows instead of the API workflow on a list function. The first will always finish, whereas the last may time out.

You can probably get it down to about 500-1000 seconds if so. So, not instant, but not hopeless.


Thank you.
I am going to try and care acbout the capacity !