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Storage Options cant seem to find what works?


So I need storage for pictures, now I have looked at 4 different solutions but it seems like they don’t work as needed. The four different solutions are S3, Wasabi, Firebase, Box.

The plugin from AppKit seems to be buggy according to most the reviews on the plugin page.

My knowledge on how to connect it is very limited, not sure if there is a plugin or a simple way to read write and delete files from my bubble app.

Here that plans suck and bubbles image uploader is limited so it makes it useless.

Still seems that the plugins are new and still buggy like the wasabi one.

I am building a news website, so i need to be able to read, write and delete pictures from the database. Scared of running out of storage on bubble, so I want to expand for future proofing. Like i mentioned earlier that my knowledge on all this stuff is limited, so i need a solution that works but also simple! Hopefully we can figure this out!

I use Zerqode’s Wasabi uploader plugin and found it easy to implement, great UI when I copied their demo and easy to integrate with Wasabi.

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