Best way to copy a template to existing app

Hi Everyone,

I have an app that frankly has a lackluster landing page. I found a really nice template on here that I would like to copy over. The good thing is the only linking I need to do is for the sign in and sign up pages.

What is do you think is the best way to copy this template over to the index page of my app?

First you would create a new page on your app and on the template select all the elements. Then copy it into your new page and make that page the new index page.

That should get you started. Then check and make sure all your workflows are set up. Like the log in and sign up buttons. :+1:

For some reason when I copy and paste its pasting two of everything. Any reason you could think of?

That’s weird. Possibly a bug. Not sure why it would do that. :thinking:

I got most of it working now. Any suggestions on how to click a header button and have it scroll down to a certain section on that page?

Yes. Good job. :+1: You can do that with a workflow. When the button is clicked scroll to a specific element. Then you can offset it if need be as well. Let me know if you need a screenshot. :smile:

So my header is a reusable element and it only allows me to click to different pages. Is there a workaround to get to to go to a specific element instead?

I usually don’t use a reusable element for that exact reason. You can try to make it just a floating group and that should work. Or just a normal group if you don’t want it to stick. :+1:

Oh nice ya i made a floating group and deleted the reusable. thx!

Awesome! Good job :slight_smile: Glad it worked out.


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