Is there any way to copy templates into an existing app?

I’ve built the functionality for an app, but I started without a template. Now I’d like to build some more common but design-heavy pages like the landing page, pricing, etc.

I tried exporting my app and importing into a new app created from the Canvas Building Blocks template. But it overwrote all of the templates.

Is there any way to copy templates into an existing app or vice versa?


Additionally to main question, I have a question also. Is it possible to begin building my house from the roof? I have a roof, but I’m unsure how to proceed with constructing the walls and foundation at the end. Thank you in advance for your guidance.

I’m imagining just a simple design template, e.g., for a landing page. It’s not integral to functionality of the app. It’s just the basic external pages that most SaaS apps have.

I don’t know if there is something like that, but I don’t suggest you do that. You can copy elements whenever you need them. Right click and copy for another app and in your app, paste with workflows.

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Very helpful, thank you