Best way to create a on demand video 1 to 1 chat site for users to chat with experts?

Hi, so I was thinking of building an app and I want some advice before proceeding.

I want to build an on-demand 1 on 1 video chat site where users could talk to experts instantly where users could:

-Chat with an expert in a specific field instantly when a user sends a request, when the user sends a request it would show a list of available experts that are both vacant (not talking with others) and the expert that is active/online on the site.

-When the user selects the expert after viewing their profile they would instantly engage in a zoom style 1 on1 video conference and they could also send text and photo conversations with a messaging system next to their video conference.

-The system then charges the user based on how long they have engaged in the conversation

So the biggest challenges I want some answers is :

  1. Build a system that detects is the expert online or not, Since I only want to show experts that are online to the users when they send the request for chat, I was thinking that the expert would only be shown when it opens the page/app and click on an “I’m online now” button, But I would need a system/plugin to detect did the expert closed the page/app

  2. Build a 1 on 1 video conference system + message system, I believe that I could solve this by integrating with zoom API since I understand that it is unlimited for 1 to 1 talks, however, I would be grateful if anyone could point me for some better solutions, plugins or even templates
    (also hopefully a way to send a record to the user when requested, but not really necessary for an mvp)

  3. A plugin/an API or a way to calculate how much time did the user have chat with the expert in order to calculate the fee

So if anyone have any suggestions, tutorial courses, plugins or even templates that could solve these challenges then please share your thoughts. Thanks!

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Hi warformstudios!

I just sent you a direct message as well but I’m actually current working on a bubble plugin that uses the daily video api that could handle your use cases.

It’s currently private but will be public in the community plugin marketplace within the next few weeks. If you want to check it out now, i’d be happy to share it with you before then or help you set it up!



Looking forward to your news @lola !

Hi warformstudios! If you’re still looking for a video chat solution the daily plugin for bubble is up here

Would love to learn more about what you’re building and happy to help with the plugin. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you’d like.

hi @lola i already install daily plugin to make a video chat for teacher and student. and i make a test, so far is great.

my question :
how can achieve 1 on 1 video chat? lets say on student page, the student start make a call to teacher. how teacher now there is a call by the student?

like "when the student selects the teacher after viewing their profile they would instantly engage in a zoom style 1 on1 video conference and they could also send text and photo conversations with a messaging system next to their video conference.

thanks in advance.

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Structuring the notification system within Bubble will likely be the best bet for notifying a teacher on the call!

One approach could be

  • assign rooms to teachers so each teacher has their own daily room.
  • when a student requests a call change the status of the room to waiting
  • when the status of the teacher’s room is set to waiting then show a notification that a student is requesting a call
  • when the teacher accepts set the room to accepted which through a do when action enables the student to join and then removes the status from the call

Here’s a demo and editor of a student experience and a demo and editor of a teacher experience.

This is a simple example, with only one call in the database your app will probably be a bit more involved with either repeating groups or multiple calls but the underlying approach should help!

In this demo in the call_requested page the user requests a call which changes the status of the call to waiting.

On the call_accepted page a button and message to accept appears once the calls status is set to waiting

Once the user accepts the call it changes the status to accepted and the user joins the room

On the original call_requested page, whenever the call status changes to accepted, they join the room, and then we make the call status blank.


hi @lola wonderful. thank you i set up it in the repeating group.
now the rest is to add a end call button, thank you.

wonderful plugin.

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Happy it was helpful and happy to help with any other questions!