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Best way to create an ordinary Raffle application

Hi, beginner in Bublle. I want just to create a Raffle app, permitting the users to easily (checkbox) select up to 5 numbers among 500. Since could not find array or matrix options., using just checkbox (500) is laborious but viable? Please, indicate a better way.

Maybe an input that can only be entered until the user’s list of numbers has 5 items. Or 5 dropdowns.

Hi William, many thanks for your advice. The limitation of 5 is not so critical. The important features is not to permit 2 uses to select a same number. Hide the number after one user select that number. I have no idea how to start with this app.

Hello @kunime welcome to the community!

Explore the concept of lists.

The video below could help. Just replace “notices” in your mind with either plain numbers … or even an object named “number” with a field of type number.

Dear @cmarchan, many thanks. I saw the video and I´m convinced that it will be the best way to implement my app. I will try to master the list component. Thank you again.

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