Best way to have the database in multi-languages

Hey guys !

I am having a hard time figuring out how to make my website multi-languages. I understood how to use the App Text feature in order to translate the texts of my website (titles, buttons, etc), but I don’t know how I am supposed to translate the dynamic content (i.e. the content coming from the database)…

For example, I have the description of my products in my database in French and I want them to be displayed in English.

Should I create for each data type another one in the other language (i.e. product_french & product_english) and use the Conditional feature to display the correct one (i.e if current user’s language is english => text = product_english description) ?

I want to be sure to have the most efficient approach before starting the translation work.

Many thanks in advance for your precious help !


Welcome to Bubble @valentin_g,

Concerning the data stored in your database, I would not include all translations in the same record. The reason for that is that it is not the best to maintain if you want to add or remove. Secondly, Your record will get very heavy if you have, for example 4 languages in the same one.

In the case of a product table, I would create a record for each language all linked to a specific product. So you would have 2 tables, One that will be the “parent” table containing the variants of the product language. The second table would be called “Product Language” and would contain the product “parent” and the language.

Here are pictures for the db structure:

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