Suggestions to optimze multi language app

Hi there,

I recently added another language to my app using dynamic variables that point to a language of that user preferred language in the dictonary DB. It has been used by some users here in the forum.

The point now is that every time a user changes the page bubble looks for the specific translation in the db which leads to performance issues. At some point a page loads 15 secs to fully display page translations. This is very bad user experience.

Any ideas how to optimize the translation process?

Thanks for your time and help!

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Hi! I’ve answered this in this topic
Take a look :grinning:

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Hi @joao1997domingues, that seems to be solution. :slight_smile:
But how to add entries onto the language tab? Any idea/hint how to transfer the entries from my " dictoniary" to the language tab?

Many thanks for your time!

It’s manual work.

@coup I’m afraid @nocodeventure is right, there’s no way to do it even with code, you’ll have to do it manually…

Thanks @nocodeventure and @joao1997domingues. that´s unfortunate but better than a laggy app.

Just a last question: What´s the workflow setup to connect the different languages settings to a button click? Could´t find anything when working on the app.
For example, in my use case, a user clicks on a flag and then the app language changes. Do you have any workflow examples by any chance?
Many thanks a for your time and help.


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