Checkbox doesn't offer it's value in "make change to a thing" workflow

This seems really odd to me:

If i have to select whether it is checked or not, that defeats the purpose. I want to submit its value. Do i really have to create a custom state for that?

Think of a checkbox as setting a boolean value to ‘true’.

If you select ‘is checked’, then it will set the value to ‘true (or yes)’ if the checkbox is checked, and ‘false (or no)’ if it’s not.

If you select ‘isn’t’ checked, that will do the opposite (i.e. set the value to ‘true/yes’ if it isn’t checked, and ‘false/no’ if it is).

So if you want the value stored as ‘true/yes’ when the checkbox is checked, use ‘= is checked’.

In other words, in your specific example, you want to set the ‘Creator is Author’ to ‘true/yes’ when the checkbox ‘is checked’, so ‘is checked’ is the value you need to select.

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If it is not checked and I use is checked, it will resolve as “no”? or will it make it “yes” regardless?

With a boolean value (a yes/no) and a checkbox, the checkbox value (checked or unchecked) is used to set the value to true/yes (see Bubble’s reference).

Reference | Bubble

So if you choose ‘is checked’, that means that you want to set the value to ‘true/yes’ when the checkbox ‘is checked’.

If you choose ‘isn’t checked’, that means you want to set the value to ‘true/yes’ when the checkbox ‘isn’t checked’.

So, to answer your question, if the checkbox ‘isn’t checked’, and you’ve selected (that value to be true/yes when the checkbox) ‘is checked’ then the boolean value will be set as ‘no/false’.

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While i can work that logic, it feels unintuitive in this context. Since I just want the state, it would have made more sense to me to just see one option, which is essentially the “is/isn’t checked” as no matter what I choose in this case, is checked or isn’t checked, it will simply produce the yes or no equivalent of it’s state (i.e. being checked or not). So it doesn’t matter which I choose, which is why I find it odd.

I see how in other contexts it can make sense, but here it only adds confusion while not making any difference in the results.

I do appreciate the help!