Best way to structure my Database?

Hi Marc,

Nigel has rightly pointed out the ideal solution for structuring your DB :+1:.

As Nigel’s mentioned you’ll have a new data type for ‘Skills’ and then in that data type a single text field for the actual skill name. This way you can always expand upon later in time e.g. Years Experience set as a text field that can be populated by a dropdown of items for instance. What I’m trying to say is that it will give you more flexibility and freedom with that data type.

Then the new field created on the ‘User’ data type to with the field type ‘Skill’ referencing the new data type just created, of course this being a list as more than likely users will have more than one skill :wink:.

This is more complex, but alternatively you could have a data type with the skills pre-defined as static entries, then you could use a dropdown using dynamic data pulling from these entries and add to the list of things in a new data type on the user. The only benefit I see with this though is changing the static data would be more simple e.g. if a skill name changes you can update on the static content data type once rather than running a workflow query to update names…but I don’t think this is necessary in this scenario, just wanted to ramble :smile:

There is a good post here that refers to some examples and fundamentals, worth a read…

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