Database structure for marketplace

Hi !
I have created a database for a marketplace. My main data types are experts and projects. I watched a tutorial of gabbys and she mentioned that key elements like categories can also be saved as data types as well with long drop down list option!

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eg Subject matter expertise is used in both projects and as a part of an experts listing. So I have created subject matter expertise as a drop down and displayed it in a multiselect drop down.
Under the expert I have set up SME = subject matters expertise, a list of things. When I go to save this in the workflow for an expert profile SME doesnt list = subject matters exerptise’s value.

HELP !! >> can you refer me to a tutorial. Do i have to manually reenter these as fields?


Search the forum " relational database" you will find one to many and many to one… different approaches depending on what you are trying to achieve.
The idea is if you have classes / students / teachers
Every class has students contain time schedule , students number, etc
Every student has many teachers. Math, science, arts
So i can create class and have type of thing called students and i refer to unique id of these students instead of saving all information again.
I can create student and refer to teachers by unique id
I can do it in many ways it is relationships at end of day
What i do usually…
Every THING has items save to it every item has unique id automatically generated
Based on example above let’s say i want to create table contained the information of each student plus type of thing teachers type of thing class
If the thing is unique id to differentiate i write name in Capital letter and put KEY ID
There are many tutorials check forum

Ho Solinz, Based on what you are saying I have the data structured correctly. The problem I am having is;

Data Type: Expert
Data Type: Services IN
DataType: Subject Area

In Expert
Field Services = Data type Services (a list of )
Field Subject Matter Expertise = Data Type Subject Matter Expertise (a list of)
The problem I am having is that when I use the multiselect deop down - Dynamic data Services
rhe worflow wont let me save Services = Services input value
as there is no name type in the the field

Does anyone understand ?

I don’t think i understand the question.
Now you have in expert offers
Two lists
1.Service IN
2. Subject area
And you have multi select dropdown menu with Service IN.
Is that correct?
Now in workflow try to modify data type expert you have to add to list whatever selected in multi select.
There is something called state list. It is temporary list that got reset to default when you reload the page. And many plugins to manipulate state lists as well.
Same gaby will tell you about it