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Best Way to Use Workflow Folders

I’m in the process of building my application. I am creating many workflows. I want to use workflow folders as their purpose is to better organize the app but I don’t understand how they do this. How are people using/labeling their workflow folders? What functionality do you put in your folders? How do you use worklfow folders to better organize your app?


@R.Galbraith I think the variations of how developers use it is endless. One way I’ve used it for an app is as follows:

Grey = Page Load events
Red = Delete Data
Green = User events
Orange = Update User
Purple = Set state / show & hide
Cyan = Save data
Brown = Navigation

The best is to find a way that will make sense to you on a practical level. It’s basically organising the same types of workflows together, the same as you would do with documents on your PC.

Hope this helps.


@raymond,Your thoughts and your examples are definitely helpful. Thank you!

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