Testers needed: Whitelabel plugin for bubble app with multiple domains

I love bubble but there was one thing that was holding us back. Thats why I developed a plugin that allows you to add multiple domains to bubble apps without iframes (bad for seo and breaks on mobile safari).

The plugin is currently in review by bubble. It will cost 5 dollars a month *. It uses the free plan of netlify to create a reverse proxy between the custom domain and bubble (so everything works out of the box and we have a workaround for login/signup).

I am searching for 5 people to test out the plugin. If you are interested let me know below and give me your app name that you want to use for testing. Ill select 5 people (if more than 5 respond in the next 24 hours I will select 5 randomly). I expect testers to test out the plugin and report any bugs they find (within 48 hours).

The 5 testers that test out and provide feedback will get a free licence for their app.

  • We spend around 5k to build this plugin. So hopefully we will earn some of that back.

Would love to test this!


Is it several domain like domain.com or can it be c1.domain.com / c2.domain.com / C3… C5 ?

If it’s the second option, I’m in ‘cause it’ s part of my next build!

Can be both


OK, so I’m definitively in!

Hey, I’ve been looking for something like this for an app of mine. I’d love to test this out.

@Christophe_HK @nachodip97 can you provide your app names?

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Prisic . I’ll implement and test It as soon as i can

@Christophe_HK and @nachodip97

Added it. You should be able to see it when searching for plugins. Here are the instructions: https://whitelabel-multiple-domains.bubbleapps.io/

Hey. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t see it. I assume you mean searching for it in the plugin installer, but I can’t seen to find it when I search for it

Hi everyone. Seems like first need to wait for bubble to approve…

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This is fantastic !!! Not quite there yet with my app, but i will be in touch soon !!!


​Thanks for reaching out! Plugins are reviewed on a first-come-first-serve basis; the time it takes before the plugin is reviewed varies depending on community demand, but is usually 1-2 weeks. We are not able to offer an exact update for your plugin at this time, though we can assure you that it will be reviewed as soon as possible.

​Do let us know if you have any further questions!

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Just curious, what is the intended use case/benefit to having multiple domains link to the bubble app?

Like saas app or multiple websites hosting or something

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Hello. Founder of fidlio.com here, would love to test your plugin when it’s available.

Hello again.
I’ve set up a test domain using your test page, but found 2 problems. Domain is ok, SSL is ok, but:

  • If I put a page with params in the “Your bubble page (optional):” field, it doesn’t work. I get a blank page when going to that URL. If I leave it empty, it works.
  • I can’t bypass the bubble error. I did what you say (adding the “An element has an error running a workflow” workflow), but it doesn’t work. I keep seeing the bubble error and thus can’t login. I must be missing something.
    Thanks for your help!

I’m interested in trying this.

Thnx for testing. Can you send me the error you are getting as a screenshot? And the workflownyou setup?

This could be really interesting for my rpg app - BattleMap.
If you’re still looking for testers I’d be happy to give it a go.