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Betting System - Suitable Payment Processor (Suggestions)

Hey everyone, I’m looking to add a function to my site that will allow people to bet. After looking at Legal Documentation, it seems that Stripe and Braintree don’t support anything in the realm of betting.

I’m looking for alternatives now but if anyone has any suggestions, please drop them below. Thanks!!!

Gambling online in the US is essentially illegal, so it’s going to be very difficult to setup a website that does not get you into legal trouble. You might want to consult with a lawyer to ensure you’re not violating any laws.

Thanks! What does Fanduel count as?

Fantasy Sports are also murky waters. FanDuel does not operate in all states.

Thanks. Yeah, I will definitely need legal advice. Appreciate the effort!

Hi Dbevan
If you are looking for payment gateway for your online gambling, perhaps I can assist you in this matter.
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Great refloat. I was just about to answer to this :smiley:

I guess you already know that betting is illegal in many states. Be careful with that, dude. You can get criminally punished for things like these. You definitely need legal consultation. However, everything should be ok. I was personally gambling for many years on different online casinos with the highest reputation on I have never met any problems, so I guess that everything is going to be fine for you too. But I think that you still need to ask a competent lawyer about that.

guys, and what about online casinos?

I often have to travel. Therefore, for me, mobile phone is the main gadget. It is important for me to understand that all my operations that I do on mobile in the internet are safe. In order to have some fun on the way, I playing online casino and just found an article about mobile secure payments ( At now I’m not worried because I know more about how to safely deposit to my account using Visa or MasterCard cards, as well as Skrill and PayPal e-wallets. Can you tell me what nuances of payment you have?

Appreciate the effort!

I would like to clarify one thing. There are two types of casinos – social casinos and real money gambling resources like Rich Prize. I assume that free gaming sites are not forbidden in the US. They do not ask you to deposit any money. Though, you can buy some points on the site to use them to buy some game features. I think you can play such sites from anywhere in the world.

Returning to the casino is a very sensitive topic! There are players who know how to play and if they come back they will start making money, but if an inexperienced player decided to return, then he will be in trouble, which will hit his pocket very hard. He knows, despite this, there is still a solution, on proven sites, even a beginner will be able to make money, personally I raise money for an online casino boost casino and I advise you the same. There are many different games at this casino, and it is also very profitable, because there is a one hundred percent welcome bonus. Come to the boost casino and win big money.

Okay its really cool

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That would be very interesting and better consult with a lawyer that is good in that, but as I know there are a lot of documents and other stuff to prepare and get approval but if you can pass throw all this you can make sweet money from that and the site could become more popular.
And you should have a clear reputation because peoples who bet a lot are always looking for reviews and information. That’s why I prefer to bet on sports betting sites reviewed by and never got in trouble.

Friends, please tell me in which countries cryptocurrency bookmakers are allowed.

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I’m interested too.

I can say with confidence that bookmakers with cryptocurrency are allowed in the USA. By the way, I found a list of crypto bookmakers that are allowed in the United States at Most often in my practice, I use Cloudbet or BetOnline, in which I bet on football matches and snooker.

Thanks for your reply here. I see that the number of websites are providing betting service while searching on Google. Are they trusted?