Bible - Live manual for Bubble

Hello community, I hope you are doing well and developing great things!

The Bible, what we have been working on for a long time, is in the marketplace!

This template is not a clone of an application!


The Bible is a template of knowledge accumulated over many years trying to reduce Bubble’s steep learning curve. It has educational content and useful stuff. Once you absorb the information contained in the template, you will see that you are at another level in Bubble.

It introduces and exemplifies the use of all events and actions that come with Bubble when you create a new application. You see how similar things can be done in different ways.

It has clear examples for Bubble workflow API and Data API.

Almost all of the operators and variants - no, you didn’t read that wrong - are made interactive

You’ll get expert tips (including some Bubble hacks) right away.

It contains the frequently needed RegEx patterns.

It provides easy access to Bubble manual and Bubble’s official videos.


100+ action blocks

Create, delete, manipulate, there is almost one of every example you can think of!

130+ operators

Text, Date, Number, Boolean, List, Geographic, Data and General

50+ tips and warnings

Warnings, Tips, Expert Tips

12 Backend Workflows

Endpoints, Recurring events, Database change triggers

100+ Knowledge

Things to know when developing Bubble apps

8 API Call

Manage your own application with the Bubble API

17 Most used Regex patterns

Regex is indispensable!

10 Widgets

Send notification to browser, Right click context menu and others!

10 Plugins

Mouse & Keyboard Interaction, API Connector, and more

Special actions such as sending verification codes in a limited time.
Different approaches to manage the same type of data.
Global creator, editor and deletion examples.
Direct links to Bubble manual and Bubble’s official videos from within the app!

All at hand! Read, review, play, repeat, find a way to do better! This is exactly why the Bible was introduced as a template!

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All questions and feedbacks will be welcome!



Great stuff!
But you should make your app responsive, not easy to browse using a mobile phone.

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It’s Old Testament. They haven’t brought the “good news” New Testament yet :rofl:


Hmm. Actually, we thought that direct access to the editor does matter. It is impossible to use the editor on the phone, but many things need to be seen in order to understand; We thought it wouldn’t be a problem if the responsive design was done in the 2nd or 3rd version.

Now, with your feedback, we understood what you said. We had an argument to support what we thought above: the number of Knowledge was between 15-20.

100+ now. There are things that should be read on mobile in its current form.

Thanks! It was the first item on the roadmap to be processed! @Christophe_HK

I’m here too late now, now I have to go to bed. I must say I laughed out loud before going to bed! @jared.gibb And, totally agree :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hi Eren,

Your product will be useful for both beginners and those people who spend time using it.

I am very happy to have this handbook. When I examined it with the demo login, I saw that there is very valuable information.

I can’t wait to use it in my projects.:star_struck::star_struck:



Thank you @batuhance22

If there is anything unclear, please give feedback. You help us find out how we can make it better!

Looks interesting. I’d be interested in purchasing it, but how does it work if I start a new app? Do I have to buy it once per app?

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As I understand, you can purchase it once and use it many times for all apps as a kind of reference.

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Very cool @eren – super well done! :slight_smile:


Thanks for clarifying. You are absolutely right.


Interactive version of Bubble Manual. Of course it includes much more. Including the information we have accumulated during the time we use Bubble. Since it’s a template, you only need to buy it once.

Yes, this is for reference. For you to see how it can be done while building things. If you need exactly the same action, you can copy the action from this template and paste it into your own application. Probably Bubble will return issues for some things, but it may still take less time than building from scratch.

While you are playing, manipulating, trying things, even if you break things up so that you can’t get them back, you delete the app then create a new app. You will always have its original form.

With the information you get from this template, you can create your own applications much cleaner, faster, more readable and consciously!

In short, the interactive Bubble development guide at your disposal.

Please let me know if there is anything unclear.



I was so glad when I read your kind words! Thanks! @alex4

Okay, thanks for the information, @eren

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Hello guys,
@Christophe_HK @jared.gibb @batuhance22 @alex4 @steve18

Nocode Bible V2 is live (In @jared.gibb words, New Testament :sweat_smile:)! Your previous feedback has been very helpful! Hope you repeat, please review and let me know what you think!



Awesome! Will check it out today. Thanks :pray:

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Fantastic! Will take a look this week. Congrats @eren!

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