Big problems : things don't show anymore etc (BUG)

I have a big problem with my application since yesterday.
It worked well for many months, but now it sort of stopped.
In my Editor all things are there, but in preview And live version texts are not there anymore and I can klick on a dropdown (that works…) but nothing shows up anymore.
When I want to create a NEW thing, it comes with an error message (after long wait) `"There is a bug…).
Please help me, because I tried to revert to an older version of my app, but problem stays the same!!
It is only on my index page. other pages are normal.
If I put a text element on my page, it does noet show and if i put f.i. a button on it, it does show. ???

Not sure if this is simply because of changing to a new version or not. I had filed a bug twice in the past few days regarding a similar issue and these occurred while I was still on the previous version.

I would suggest filing a bug report every time you see a message that indicates a bug.

For me the issue is that I have been building reusable elements, placing them onto a page and testing. For some period of time things are fine, then eventually the reusable elements are not visible on page in preview mode and I get an error message indicating a bug.

Yes, HUGE problem at the moment with adding new things and updating at list.

I have an RG with 3 items in the list … and list of items:count is showing me 2.

Yes I am not sure it is because of the new version indeed.
It came on yesterday at the same moment i saw the ‘present box’ in my editor.
Still weird…
I have a simpel header with just a simple text, but it does not show. The logo in the header does show. If I put a new text element in the header it still does not show. If I put a testbutton in that header it shows!

I had an issue yesterday when adding images via the editor. I have a data type with a field for image (set to list). In the editor I was uploading the images. I would select the upload button

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 3.03.53 PM

and if I didn’t press the ‘add’ button it would not be saved to the list.

The major major problem with this is that despite not pressing the add button, the image file was still present in the file manager.

Not sure if this is a new issue or not. But most definitely seems like a behavior that should be changed.

Yes, the new thing was there in the browser, but not on the back end. So I can see the new things being added, but bubble doesn’t seem to want to recognise them.

This is not good.

Hey folks!

This is an issue currently being addressed by our team. Thanks for reporting!

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Ahhh so that’s what I was experiencing yesterday… submitted a bug report last night.

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I had a problem with my main group not appearing and errors on what was. Solved it by removing front loops(workflows which trigger themselves directly or via other workflows) (which were not even able to run anyway) that solved the problem.

Hi Eve, my logo on my app is not showing up properly. It is currently blurred with a stretched look. It’s a PNG file.

The logo has always resized properly. But now when I try and edit, it does resize. I’ve never had to use the crop feature. Using the crop feature doe not restore or keep the image quality.

I’ve attached 3 images: Home page, Signup, logo file

Hello! This issue is not related to the thread above; please take a look here:

ok thanks! :sunglasses:

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