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Binary file from Integrom

Hello everybody.

I’m trying to match the files that come to Integromat with the Bubble endpoint to transfer the files to the Bubble app. Has anyone encountered this? Files from Integromat don’t match with type “file” in

File comes to me from mailhook in a strange binary form

not a bubble expert but, your bottom graphic looks like a standard MIME attachment in which the attached object is a file in byte format ( ie a binary as shown in the hex dump )

is that object’s mime type not the same as you wind up with using bubble’s file manager to do an upload?

assuming all that, what op is available within the bubblespace of what can be done on a files.bytes to reference the object presented by the webhook and to then perform something like an upload on it?? javascript terms would be how to get a blob from the Mime.attached.buffered-Bytes ??

try review integromat docs which cover how to consume Mime attached json file ( ie text) . When u follow that webhook consume process on that specific file type, return to your use case realizing that the only diff is that the mime type of your attachment isn’t json.text . Its MIME typ is gonna be application/octet stream . i think all u would do is adjust for the var in the type , then consume the attachment as bytes generating some bubble attr value associated with creating a new thing. that would do it.

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