Bing search is showing bubble related info when my app is Live

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know how to change these data that are showing up when someone searches my app after it went live on Bing?

Hi @ahmed.khodeir.87,

Have you checked SettingsSEO / metatags?

Yup, but maybe I am doing something wrong, here is a screenshot

Hmm, the only other thing that comes to mind is to check the pages themselves - the index especially - to see if there are any per-page SEO settings (on Appearance tab of Properties editor I think).

That also is done :weary: :cry:

Really puzzling. I just don’t recognize the “UI Elements. Bubble…” stuff. Could it be a plugin perhaps?

I have no clue, what kind of a plugin and why would it do that if I didn’t assign it to ? 🥲

Plus as you see at the beginning of the post ot shows exactly like I want it 😵‍💫:woozy_face::exploding_head:

Well, I just did a Google search for “UI Elements. Bubble offers a collection of building blocks” and the following came up, which suggests it’s something to do with Bubble’s default page when starting a new app.

Could there be remnants of that still in your app somewhere? Or if you launched recently, maybe it’s just in Bing’s cache or something.