Bubble app name how to change?

Hi Guys, my website is live but still says bubble no code apps for the title ive tried to change this but cant work out why it still says it
Ive changed all the pages titles
And waited a long time for it to update but nothing
Please Help

SEO/Metatags in settings then push to live

I have had this filled out for ages but still will not work and its all been deployed to live

Hey there.

If you’re referring to Google Search specifically, than for google to propagate changes which went live can take days or even weeks.

They do recommend some good practices and also bubble’s ones.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Okay the thing is on Bing its working but not on google so i just have to wait?

Well, for the time being yes. Otherwise you could try Google’s Tech Support to see if they can provide a solution from their side.


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