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Blank cell when deleting RG last item


I have a problem with repeating group (RG) pagination when I display it in fixed number of cells: I use next/previous icons to show next/previous items of RG.
The problem occurs when the last item is deleted while being visible: the RG doesn’t display anything, like it was stuck in the deleted RG page.
If the last item is visible to me and that another user decides to delete it, then I can’t see the items anymore, unless I refresh the page.

Here is a quick example:

First, I wanted to add an action in the workflow to go to page 1 of RG if the number of items changes but in my app (not the upper page which is just an example), I don’t have access to the RG in the worflow tab because the RG is inside a RG…

Hi @emmanuel

Here is a screenshot of the problem, I did my best to make it as clear as possible.

I have a RG of 4 items which displays items one by one on the page and when I delete the last item of the RG, instead of updating the pagination by showing the 3rd, it get stuck to the page 4 of the RG, which doesn’t exist anymore, so the cell is empty and I can no longer have access to the RG.

I see. We’ll push a fix later today or tomorrow.

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