Show Elements in Repeating Group Only in Last Row

I have a repeating group showing tiers that link to a plan a user has just created. At the moment the user has the ability to delete any tier linked to the plan they have just created, however that becomes a problem if they delete a tier that is not the last one, as then the new tiers do not match up. Is it possible to show the delete icon, as seen below, only in the last row/ last tier in the repeating group.

As you can see here the delete tiers button is visible in every row of the RG.

As you can see, if a tier other than the last one is deleted the other ties now do not line up.
It does not matter if the last tier is deleted because the from value is always +1 of the previous tiers to value (unless the tier has already been created). So what I cannot figure out how to do is to only show the delete element in only the last/bottom row of the RG.
Thanks in advance for the help!

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Do you have fixed number of rows in RG? If yyes, you can do in the condition:
Current cell index is 3 (for example) and show this element.

If not, then you play like,
parent group tier is last item of this rg or this search. and show this element

This will all be carried out in conditions.

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The repeating group does not have a fixed number of rows, so I tried the second method you listed and it was exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot for the quick response!

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