Block Links (a link around a block of content)

In regular HTML it’s possible to make a block of content a link. This could be multiple elements, an image, or even an entire section.

Is there a way to do this in Bubble? Right now I’m forced to use the Go to page... action which means we lose a lot of the native browser link functionality, as well as the SEO and many other benefits.

A simple way to achieve this is by adding a ‘link element’ over the top of whatever other content is in the group, by putting the original content into an align-to-parent container, and then overlaying the link element in that (with no max width or height).

Unfortunately not possible. It’s a request I make often. I could have sworn that I had added this to the Ideaboard, but I didn’t yet.

Given that the Bubble team is now spewing out new features, maybe @grace.hong will grace us with this feature and a few other link-related improvements next.

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