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I know SEO has been talked about on a few threads, I just have a specific question about internal links.

I just rebuilt a site for a friend and the whole process was amazing, I was able to build their site over a 5 day sprint of UX, Design and Bubble Dev with a CMS too! But we’ve lost some SEO features which was a known risk, but to me I think building a way to have internal links seems feasible.

Is there any way/ work around we can use to create them? Or would there be a way for @bubble to build a feature to allow us to have/ simulate this?

So we benefit from an SEO point of view and have a cool tile on google like this :slight_smile:

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I have been doing SEO for sometime now and what I have learnt using bubble is that bubble is not meant for seo. Simply because it is not crawlable.

The closest thing you can do to achieve that is have each page be linked by the link element or html element and not workflow . This way spider can detect and crawl it.

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I know its a bit of challenge, but what do you think about using simple HTML links in body copy like this:

would that make the links more visible to Google?

Here is the basic gist,

If google can detect the link in the source code of your page it will crawl it. So having something like <a href= Html element on the links you want crawled should get it to crawl.

I haven’t tested that method but what you can do is write up a page with different type of links and then do a right click and view source and see which links are visible with assigned anchor text. That way you will know which ones are crawlable.

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Cool! I’l give it a try - another very hacky way I thought of was sticking some html links in the header styled white.

I continue to read about Bubble not working for SEO because of items like this. @pauljamess, could you please reply to this thread with your results because it seems to me that this is entirely solve-able with either: 1) Bubble’s Link Feature and 2) Adding Links in HTML. Would be great to get confirmation on this. Thanks!

@ayushsharmamedia, why are you saying Bubble isn’t crawlable if these 2 approaches make it crawlable? Is there more to it that I might be missing?


So, I had a mini-breakthrough. There is a rich text editor as a plugin element! haha I thought this only existed on the Bubble side through the editor.

It means I can now empower the content manager to stick internal links in the content pages and blog posts as she uploads them (through the bubble built CMS on the site) rather than just text.

So lots of linking to relevant content on the site, which google loves. It also means we’ll have a ton of crawlable html links.

I will keep you updated but so far I have:

  • Added strong and consistent site and page descriptions
  • Relevant page titles using relevant key words
  • Implemented internal linking (above)
  • Added main navigational links in the body
  • Added 301 redirects for the main pages we migrated over
  • Exposed readable page titles in the urls
  • Added keywords to the footer using < meta name=“keywords” >
  • Verified the site we Google Search Console and submitted the site map
  • Requested a crawl from Google
  • Tested the site for speed using Google tools (this is also a factor nowadays)
    7/10 for mobile (probably need to optimise images)
    8/10 for desktop

Other things I can think of:

  • Adding alt tags to al the images
  • Attracted backlinks from other sites

Current Search position for relevent searched #2 :slight_smile:


Hi @pauljamess

sub: Pages not crawlable.

I have changed all my internal links from workflow-action(go to page) to links after I read this thread. When the mouse is hoovered it shows the target link now in the left-bottom of the broweser BUT the links are still not visible in the page source .

So when we scan the page with it still is just crawling the home page and unable to see/ crawl through the entire site. Any input is appreciated.

I created an online database with overview and detail pages in different categories (Magento companies, their clients, users, events, jobs and articles but seeing the same issue that Google doesn’t have any internal links to go on. I created a manual sitemap with all links but that only works so-so, of course it would be way better if the googlebot can actually crawl the website instead of bouncing after a single page each time.

How/where do I do that?

How would I do this? I think on overview pages, all links to detail pages should be crawlable, but how to I get this into the HTML?


So you can add html into the body of the page in Settings > SEO/Metatags

and internal links by using the rich-text input to add page content rather than front end text or standard input fields. You can then add hyperlinks to other pages on the site.


P.S pretty much a couple of weeks after we launched the site we got to #1 Google on most relevant searches for the site above!


See above :slight_smile:


Hey Paul, did you find a final solution to show all objects in Code source of the page ? I realy need a solution…