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Blockspring Integration announcement

We just officially announced the integration (but many have been using it for a while now). You can read more about it here

Also, this is something this is currently on Product Hunt. It’s be great to have your support/feedback there :slight_smile:


upvoted :smile: Opened possibilities are huge now !

Most services are working fine. Except few like this one for instance :
Is it a Bubble or Blockpring issue ? The block doesn’t appear in the list of Blockspring plugin in Bubble so I can’t set it up.

That’s an issue on the Blockspring side, probably because they didn’t mark the block as returning data, instead of being action.

New blockspring integration is awesome! Congrats on the partnership.

Quick question - when I try added a coded block - one I built to output tabular data - by selecting it in the favorites drop down and then clicking ‘Add this call’ nothing happens. The block does not get added to the list of blocks in the application. Any reason this might happen?

It is set up to integrate with Bubble on Blockspring and also works with Google Sheets

So awesome I actually don’t know where to start !

What do you mean it doesn’t get added? Error message?

No error message, it just disappears and the dropdown resets and the ‘list of blocks’ in app does not show the block

Can you email support for this?

Sure, will do

Nicolas, this block is marked as returning 1D array data, not tabular data.

Emmanuel, maybe we mark the 1D as supported in Bubble too?

I’ll check. We should be able to support these, as a list of texts, for instance.

Fixed the issue on our end, will deploy the fix today.

Thanks. I just tried. Works well !

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Free tier plan is ending :cry:

Pricing change on May 1st
We’ve decided to discontinue the Blockspring free tier. This decision wasn’t easy. Over the past few months, we’ve seen the community build more and more inspiring tools with Blockspring. Removing the free tier will allow us to ensure we can continue shipping the best features and experiences to the people who need Blockspring most.
Since many of you have stuck with us from the early days, we’ve provided you with 30 days of our basic plan for free.
If you’d like to continue using Blockspring after these 30 days, you can sign up below for $10 / month.