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Missing or unassigned type for blockspring block

i posted this on the slack channel for blockspring bubble support but haven’t heard back, thought i’d try here as well.

i’m trying to integrate this block ( with bubble. i can “install” the block from within the blockspring website without issue (i get a “success!” message on the block’s webpage on the blockspring website), but when i try to add the block in my bubble app, i get the following error: “this block doesn’t have an identified type. it’s been reported to bubble and blockspring and will be fixed soon. sorry about this.” what is the process/timeline for getting this fixed? i get this error on many of the data visualization blocks ( when i try to add them to my app.

is there a way to easily determine which blockspring blocks have an identified type, so that i can know that they’ll work in bubble?


Not that I have found, some work, some don’t.

It should be fixed no right? @thedistrict

@NigelG, see this

Have you fixed all the blocks ? Or just this one.

Sorry, was answering the question “is there a way to easily determine which blockspring blocks have an identified type” … which I don’t think there is.

So I think it is a case of trying it … and asking support for help if not ?

We activated it for blocks that return some HTML. So not 100% of the blocks will work, but the data visualization ones should.

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Good news that more blocks are now working :slight_smile:

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thanks @emmanuel and @NigelG.

confirmed–the data viz blocks that i have tried now appear to be working.

thank you!

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@emmanuel -

I’m running into the same initial message … 'this block doesn’t have