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Blockspring update of Google Sheets Existing Row

Good Afternoon!

I’m trying to use Blockspring, connected to Google Sheets to update an existing Google Sheets Row, when a button is clicked. Currently getting an error when clicking the checkbox icon, a pop-up appears, saying “Sorry, we ran into a temporary bug and can’t complete your request…”

In my app on the “My Assignments” page, there are rows that are read from an existing Google Sheet via Blockspring.
To the right of each row are a check and an “x”, to indicate if the customer has been contacted.

If they’ve been contacted, the check lights up green, if not, the “x” lights up red. If the value isn’t set, both are gray.
Upon clicking the checkmark, I’m trying to write “Yes” to the “Contacted?” column for that row.

Here’s the link:

Thanks in advance for your help!


Can you email [email protected] When you see such a message, that means it’s on our end. We have some logs, but if you can provide a way to reproduce the bug, that’s much faster for us.

Generally speaking, when reporting a bug, please include a link to the page / editor that shows the issue and a way to reproduce the bug (including a login / password if needed, for run mode, as we may not have an account with your app. This isn’t needed for edit mode).

Just did - thanks for the quick reply!