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Blockspring - Working with 2 Worksheets\Spreadsheets

hi Bubblers,

Coming from this topic:

Ran into an issue when I see that I can only use Blockspring with 1 worksheet of 1 spreadsheet to read the data.
If I need to query data from 2 worksheets of the same spreadsheet, or 2 different spreadsheets within 1 application - it won’t work.

Looks like for Blockspring (or the way it’s working with Bubble), you can only initiate 1 block of the same type, and this block( in my case - Read Worksheet) can work with 1 worksheet of one spreadsheet.

If you try to add additional block of the same type - your previous settings are overridden and the existing APIs do not work.

I see that the actual API window does give you the opportunity to change the worksheet and spreadsheet ID, but looks like they have to be initiated for Bubble to know the contents of the targeted worksheet\spreadsheet, which effectively renders the input useless.

Let me know if I should file this as a bug, please.

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