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I have a Blog page with a Group called “Blog” which has a repeating group in it for blog posts. If you click on a blog post it hides the Group “Blog” and shows the Group “Blog Post”. Because I haven’t navigated to a new page to show the blog post, the URL hasn’t changed. Any idea how I can get a shareable url that would open the page with the blog post showing ie. Group “Blog Post”?


Hey @zulualphaweb,

You can use paths and/or parameters to do this.

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Thanks Johnny. I tried to set a parameter called id and to use the unique ID of my blog post. I’m assuming I then need to use a conditional of some description to hide the Group Blog and show Group Blog Post? And maybe something for the data source as it’s not coming from the site? Or am I overcomplicating this?

For shareable URL I’ll consider using slugs which can be made more readable instead of unique id.

Cool, I can set the slugs for a blog post. I still have no idea how then to use this url with slug. For example if I use url (5-tips is slug from a blog post), then the page will still show the repeating group with my blog post previews. I need that url to hide the repeating group and show the blog post group with the 5 tips blog post. Does that make sense? I’m assuming I have to write a conditional of some description to hide and show groups plus set the data source?

Yes. You need to set conditionals

I’ve got myself stuck on these conditionals. Any suggestions on what they could look like?

For the repeating group

When “Get path from page URL is not empty”

Hide Element

Path can be of type Blog

And Data Source for your Group Blog will be "Get path from page URL: Type is Blog "

Not sure above will work with Slug or just unique Id. Getting parameter of custom type haven’t been working with Slugs for me.

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