H1, h2, body tags. SEO info

Is there any general advice for this? Am I able to write the raw HTML code myself? I notice my site is missing a lot of tags and I don’t see built in options to add them.


I also note that a lot of sites built on bubble are missing basic SEO principles. To have a guide, or some basic SEO info available for training is super helpful, especially for beginners.


Looks like this was covered on SEO - HTML-tags like h1, h2 and h3 but I’m still not sure how you actually add the H1 tag to a specific text element.

@skylershelton - how did you add them?

@paritosh.mehta19 - you mentioned that you tried to implement h1, h2 tags on another post. How?

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Hi @rushabh

Here’s some screenies:

Hope that helps your app appeal to the Google Gods! :slight_smile:


Ah perfect thanks so much!

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@rushabh: Just like the way @skylershelton has shown in the above screenshots. The only problem I faced is that some of these external SEO check tools can’t detect these tags correctly and I am guessing its primarily because of javascript parsing. Nevertheless, I am still using this way to define the tags, assuming Google is smart enough to interpret them.

Hope this helps.

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Exact same issue, anyone has a solution ?
Even with an html object and a h1 code, it is not found by google. HELP !!!

Hi everyone,

I’m starting to notice that expose the type of tag for text elements functionality is not working anymore. There is a remedy, you can put the tag info in the page HTML header instead manually, but if you have dynamic content on the page would obviously be a lot more seamless to just have the text expose the tag.

If anyone else wants to see what I’m talking about, they can go to the following HTML heading checker with their website: https://www.overthetopseo.com/free-tools/free-html-headings-checker/

I know that some of these third party heading checker tools can be a little wonky, but I’m noticing consistently that I go from tool to tool that it won’t pick up the headers.

My settings in Bubble are below:

@jonathan.timianko I have the same issue. Even if I include the tag as your image show, the headers cant be recognized. Pls help!

Hi @nasarquis this is from a while back, and I think what it is is some third party tools aren’t good at reading these headers. I don’t think it’s a huge issue and I feel if the headers couldn’t be read the bubble team would know and wouldn’t put that functionality in. If anything comes up in this area in the near future I’ll let you know!

Thanks @jonathan.timianko for the reply! But i don’t think is a problem of third party tools. I check the html of the website using the development tools in Chrome and I confirm that headers are not shown. This are very important because without this i think google search engine can’t know when is useful my website, so the only way your page will appear in the results is by paying ads.

No problem! Yes I understand. I think the way they appear in the chrome inspect tool is a little different than other custom coded website. What I would do is right click, then inspect, and then control f and search “h1”. You’ll see the h1 class is there, but it’s contained within the bubble-element-text class. Other websites have the H1 headers appear more on the surface.

Some third party tools can’t pick up these h1 headers this way but there are some that do. Most importantly, I believe google can read these H1 headers correctly.

If you have concerns I would reach out to support@bubble.is and ask them about it, and interested to hear what they say back!

Your right! Thanks it appear exactly as you said. I will check with support to see if that is enough for SEO and I will get back to you with the answer. Thanks again!

Sounds good!

@eve @josh — I’m pretty sure you know this issue, but I would love to hear if there anything in progress. Like this will be fixed in v 10 in october, or we put it on roadmap early next year.

The option “to expose tags for text elements” really does add H1, H2, etc tags but do so by wrapping a DIV container inside of Header tag, which does not make sense for crawlers. That’s why Google and SEO tools do not see headers even if they present on the page.

Crawler sees an empty header because div is block container with its own context.

A solution to this issue would be using inline elements like span or wrapping DIV containers around the H tag.

Hoping for a fix — have 50+k of pages without h1

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+1 for this.

I don’t have 50k + pages, but about 500+.

Any comments from support? @allenyang @carla @JeffT @malcolm :slight_smile:

Or maybe the forum is not the best place to ask such questions?

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+1 for this also !

Why is this not fixed yet - This is a MAJOR blocker for SEO.


Any news about the fix? I checked “Expose the type of tags for text elements” and using Rich Text Input. I’m readying up a blog and this is a major thing for us. Any temporary workaround we can use. Thanks!

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