Bubble seo - h tags are blank

Hey folks,

After experiencing poor SEO with bubble for a while I think I may have figured it out. All the h tags appear to be blank when I run the site through woorank or similar. The h tags are being recorded but stored as blank.

I think it’s either because the text gets stored within a h1 div, bit just a h1.

Or the site loads in as empty, then populated the content as the content is dynamic.

Anyone had any success working round this issue, driving me a bit insane!



Hi @SidDew,

I’ve been on a bit of an SEO journey with Bubble and generally speaking, if the tool you’re using is purely going to check the page source without loading any scripts, then they’re going to return some pretty poor results.

Google bot is smart enough to load scripts first and will be able to pick up on the content. I know that while the implementation of SEO that Bubble offers isn’t what you’d usually expect, it doesn’t seem to cause Google any issues.

I’ve even got Google tools to approve my structured markup when it requires scripts to load it in the first place.

Did you want to share a link to a page on your site that you’re getting frustrated with and I can take a look?

Hey @juicebox thanks for the help. Ah thats a relief then, still not had much luck being indexed on Google, but it is early days to be fair. Heres the site - nftcore.io - be great if you can give a few pointers for sure.


Hi @SidDew,

Took a quick peek at your site and checked out this blog as it seems to be one of the few that is indexed with Google; https://nftcore.io/blog_article/boss-logic-interview

First up, you have no h1 tag on this page. The blog title should be this, but it doesn’t look like you’ve enabled it. First, go to Settings > SEO / metatags tab > SEO settings section and tick the checkbox for ‘Expose the type of tags for text elements’. You should now be able to go to the text element with the blog title in it and give it an h1 tag.

I can see that it looks like you’re using Quill Editor, which is great because you’re outputting the main body with HTML tags but you need to work on your hierarchy, at least for this blog. Ideally, you should have an h1 followed by an h2 and followed by an h3 and so on. In this blog, you start with an h3, then go back to an h2 further down. I checked a few other blogs and they have similar issues. Here’s a screenshot from the Chrome Extension I’ve been using; https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/meta-seo-inspector/ibkclpciafdglkjkcibmohobjkcfkaef


You also have a bunch of images which don’t have alt text and I’d recommend adding Article structured data to these pages; Informacje o znacznikach schema.org artykułów | Centrum wyszukiwarki Google  |  Documentation  |  Google for Developers

Once you’ve cleaned these kinds of pages up, then I’d recommend submitting your sitemap via Search Console and seeing what Google decides to pick up.

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