Is this wrong for SEO?

Im building a blog site (personal) and im wondering if this is not set up correctly for better SEO? Im using the Rich Text Editor to create the content and then publish it which H1, H2, H3 etc. But when i view the blog post in the HTML code i don’t think the headings have H1 and so on? I might be wrong since i don’t know that much HTML. For my understanding it is very important to have H1, H2 and so on in the blog posts?

Thank ful for any help :slight_smile:

Try this instead, first go to settings > Seo & Metatags, then check the following option.

After that in the editor, you can edit the text element & select the HTML tag


Thank you for your comment, it seems to be turned on but maybe it’s not activated since i am on the free plan?

This part i do not understand, i am writing the content in the Rich Text Editor? Does that not mean that all the content will be H2?

Previous response was not considering your use of rich text editor and can be ignored for the most part.

Yes, very important to have header tags for text. I do not believe the header tags come through when using rich text editor as I believe it just makes it look a certain way through BBCode and is not using HTML for setting header tags. From what you mention and share that seems to still be the case.

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Hmm so how are people writing the blogs?

Can it have to do with the SEO settings? that im on a free plan?

I don’t know about others. For me I use a template I created that is available for sale on the marketplace. In the template I have a blog builder which allows me to add the different sections and get each blog article to look exactly how I’d like it to.

The blog builder has sections for images (which has inputs for alt text and captions - both of which benefit SEO), section titles (as either H2 or H3), paragraphs as well as the blog title (H1 tag).

On the blog page I make use of all the on page SEO inputs Bubble provides (title, image and description) as well as structured data (helps a lot of getting indexed and potentially getting the coveted Google snippet).

Free plans do not expose the on page SEO input values (ie: image, title and description) but all other content should be displayed properly, which again, the use of the Rich Text Editor as far as I know does not provide for HTML tags and is only BBcode tags for display purposes which serves no benefit to SEO.

So if i understand correctly, this:

[h1]This is a H1[/h1]

[h2]This is a H2[/h2]

[h3]This is a H3[/h3]

[h4]This is a H4[/h4]

This is normal text

[quote]"This is a quote"[/quote]
[u]Here is normal text with underline[/u]

Does not effect the HTML side aka the SEO in a good way?

Again, BBcode is not the same as HTML tags, and is used for visual purposes only and does not affect SEO in any way

Bummer… thanks for showing me! I want to have it so people can create thier own blogposts easily like this i have built (but without Rich Text Editor) so SEO i correct?

i found this video now

Where he is talking about “users can create blogposts with a nova block system” what is that?

I don’t know…you can reach out to the person who created the video

Hi @gregjohnkeegan, would you mind explaining how you created this SEO friendly blog poster? Everything else is set up from my side. I currently use Rich Text Editor for the content and apparently it is not SEO friendly…

Thank you in advanced!