Boolean False/Erroneous Result - anyone else experienced this?

Hi All,

I am experiencing some disturbing behavior that I am unconvinced is cropping up from an error on my part. I have already logged a bug for this but am hoping that if it is a bug that some of you have found ways to mitigate this if it is a known issue. Or can quickly spot my error.

I have a simple four criteria all AND condition that should prevent a user without the role Subscriber being sent to the account page but I have a user that does not have that role that is being passed to the page despite failing the condition.


I have done a search for all “Go To Page Account_Page” actions and cannot find one that could account for the user being sent to the page without being a subscriber.

There exists the possibility that the user at one point had the User Type Subscriber but they most definitely do not today.

  • Has anyone ever experienced the Bubble Database ever having clean up issues?
  • If yes, is there anyway to take pre-emptive measures to mitigate this problem?

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