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Boolean search confusion - need to do an OR search

Hi All

I’m using “Do A Search For” in the data type for a RG and I think I need an “Advanced” filter but I just can’t find it…probably User Error on my part for which I apologise up front…
I’d like the RG to display data that meet either of two criteria. This is so that I can have it display the same name at the top of the list for any user. So for example, I want a user to see a particular department’s members but I always want the names of everyone who’s a fire marshall at the top of the list regardless of what department they’re in.
I can list out all the department members but I think (and I might be wrong) that when I add a second constraint, whether in the Search For or even in the Filter option within the search, Bubble treats this as an AND search so it only displays the name of the person in the selected department who is also a fire marshall. I want to display the names of the people that match the selected department OR the names of the fire marshalls. But I can’t find a way to do the OR search. I hope this make sense?
If anyone can suggest how I go about this I’d be grateful. I’ve read the manual and searched the forum but I can’t find the “advanced” search function that was referred to.
Kind regards


Please, let me know if I understood it right, but here is my suggestion. In the data source you “Do A Search For” with the first condition you want to be displayed at the top and then you use the :merged with operation and start a new “Do A Search For” with the second condition.

I hope this helps!