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HELP - RG with filter , from option set?

Hi , a have one RG with 2 diffrent filters , a will display but is not working for me any ide ? and is option set from main database with custumer.

If a remowe one off the filter then the first filter with jobb status = jobb skall görs display correctly.

wehen a filter with 2 type nothing is working, how to fix this without dropdown.

Hi there, @tradspecialisterna… if I understand your post correctly, it looks like you are trying to create an or condition by adding two constraints for the same field. If that’s what you are trying to do, well, that’s not how you do it because Bubble is looking for both of those constraints to be true. So, try merging two searches together in the repeating group’s data source. In other words, remove one of the constraints from the current search, add the merged with operator after the search in the data source, and do a second search with the other constraint.

Hope this helps.


Tanks Mike , iam no pro so if u can explen litle more how u mean, a be happy :slight_smile:

Merge two searches together in the repeating group’s data source, put one of the constraints from your screenshot on the first search, and put the other constraint on the second search.

Example of merged searches:


Tanks TANKS :slight_smile: helpful a use the merged command that u told my works like a boss

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