Bottom Navigation

Is it possible to make an Android app with a bottom navigation? Like Instagram etc. Is it called floating Group? So I create a floating Group and then add my symbols on top of that?

Okay thanks a lot!
I was about to leave bubble and continue with working on Android Studio. But yes I will have multible pages. Would take a long time to describe my app idea but Instagram is probably the most easy way to compare it to!

Some hints:

Bottom navigation bar: Add a floating group and set to BOTTOM.

One page mobile app

  • Make all UI elements exist in the same page using layers.
  • Use groups to hold your layers
  • Use the Element Tree to the left of the screen to show and hide your layers
  • Get used to using “Reveal in Element Tree” on the element right-click or element property box at the very bottom
  • Use clear element names in order to recognize your layers and elements quickly
  • Send to Back or Front is also useful

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