Braintree not working

Hi, I am setting up payment with the Braintree plugin. On Braintree, I have set up the account, added the subscriptions. On the app, I entered the API keys.

I can charge transactions with no problem. However, I get this error when testing the different subscriptions:

Sorry, we ran into a temporary error processing your card. Please refresh the page and try again

I have refreshed the key each time I made a change to the subscription on Braintree. I call the different subscriptions dynamically using a when statement.

I would appreciate your help solving this issue.

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Additional information from Braintree:

It seems my subscriptions create these validation errors on Braintree:
[VALIDATION ERRORS] 91927 (Payment method nonce represents an un-vaulted payment instrument.), 81901 (Cannot edit a canceled subscription.)

Braintree also says:

It appears that your integration is attempting to pass a nonce in the subscription create call that is not associated with a vaulted payment. When it comes to creating a subscription you will generally want to use a payment method token associated with a vaulted payment method. The only time you are able to use a nonce when creating a subscription is when the nonce is generated by the Drop-in UI after you have passed a customer ID, when the client token is generated. The integration appears to be using our JS v2 Drop-in UI so as long as the customer ID is being passed when the client token is generated then you should be able to use the nonce to create a subscription. If the customer ID is not being passed then you will need to make sure your integration is storing the nonce first and using a payment method token to create the subscription.

My comments and questions:

  1. I am not passing along anything. How would I pass along a customer ID, especially?
  2. How would I store the nonce first?

Needless to say, I am completely lost. ** Ineed your help here.**
Thanks, Katharina

Hi @katharina did you ever resolve this?

I’m getting the same error message. I’ve created a service that has a user subscribe to an additional plan each time they add a new website to the service. I can subscribe a user to 1 plan, but I get the error each time I try to get the user to add a second plan.

@emmanuel is the plugin setup to handle a user having multiple subscriptions?

Sorry for the late reply. I never got it fixed and changed to Stripe and single purchase at a time.