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Branches based on conditions in workflows

When I need to “branch” a workflow (e.g. when a user enters an incorrect data - show an error message and terminate the worflow; otherwise proceed with the updating the info in DB) is there a better way to organize the logic except to duplicate the condition in every element of workflow in that branch.

The current method is extremely ugly and prone to errors, since

  1. You cannot visually understand the overall flow and have to inspect every element
  2. if condition changes (e.g. I want to check that the password is not equal to 3 previous passwords) I have to change conditions in every element, forgetting to update one will create errors later on

Is there a better way? Creating custom workflows for every branch is only marginally better

Are there any plans from bubble to address it? Thanks

Custom events, then you only have the custom event trigger and a terminate workflow after the custom event that prevents the next trigger being triggered (I just use conditions on each custom event trigger so that I don’t need Terminate workflow though)

See below, I have three custom events that run conditionally

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