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"Branding" a button with a colour

So we want to “brand” our app a little for each customer that uses it.

Having their logo display is simple enough, but we also want to have the buttons display in the brand’s colour.

I have set up a field on the brand that is an image, and (a couple of bubble bugs now fixed) if you set that to be a 100x100 square of colour you can have a dynamic coloured button depending on who is using the app.

This seems like quite a complex way to achieve this … although it works… am I missing an easier way ? It is fairly big hack of a live app to roll this out.


It’s a pretty neat idea, and I don’t know if it’s the only way to do it but I wonder are you setting up a list of colors like on a profile page where users can select their preferred color or will the color be randomly generated?
I did something similar using the calendar. But when a user selects a specific save tab the event on the calendar is saved using that tabs color.

For now we are going to manually the colour when we set them up, based on their brand colours. But you could just as well use a selector too. Seems to work !

Sadly you can’t make it a style, you have to define on each page.