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[Breaking Change] Small UI Updates for Date/Time Picker and Picture Uploader

Hi everyone,

We’re about to release a new breaking change for bug fixes regarding left padding on the Picture Uploader and top/bottom padding on the Date/Time Picker. Additionally, this new bubble version will include a slight adjustment to the spacing in the Date/Time Picker. While these changes are small, we would like to be careful since they affect existing apps.

Here is a before and after of the Date/Time Picker for reference:
Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 1.25.18 PM
Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 1.29.05 PM


Is this being released to live apps, or will we have the opportunity to check out our test environment first?

This should not affect live apps, and if you want to see the latest changes in your test environment, you can upgrade your app to the latest bubble version.

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Could you please elaborate on the change that’s being made to the left padding on the Picture Uploader?

It’s nice to receive a heads up on this. In the last 4-6 weeks we’ve had to clean up a lot of text elements when Bubble changed the way padding worked (i.e., Bubble converted the top padding setting into two settings - top and bottom padding. But both were set to the same value as the top padding setting, which left too little vertical space in some elements). There was a change in left/right padding too. The long and the short of it is that this caused us a lot of headaches as we had to update styling on hundreds of elements / styles.

So I appreciate the heads up that there will be a breaking change, but please share the specifics. Thanks.


Can we have Only the “time picker” part of the dropdown? that would be awesome…


Do we need to do anything after the upgrade?
What do we have to do exactly, when we upgrade this version?
Can breack something?
Thank you very much for the answer.

Hi! Thank you for your patience with this. The change that we introduced to the Picture Uploader was to fix a bug that related to left padding not applying. More specifically, this was happening because the Picture Uploader has two inner elements, a button and an image. Originally, we were applying the padding to the outer Picture Uploader element, but we actually want the padding to affect both the button and the image individually. The issue was affecting the left padding because the button has a default left padding that was not getting overridden by the user’s inputted padding value. Hope this explanation helps!

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Making a note of this, thanks for the feedback!

Hi! To upgrade your app in the editor, you can navigate to Settings > Versions and you should see the current version you’re on and if there’s a newer version:

You can also revert to a previous version from this tab if you are experiencing issues with the changes.

I found a critical bug with this update. After updating the live version, for our customers, who signed up, the field on the database "Created date” from table Users is not related current date.
Today we have two customers and both had absolutely different Created Date. For example, the first customer had a “Created date” on the 16 of October, and the second, the 18 of October, but both customers sighed up on the 19 of October.

After reverting back to the previous version everything is fine as before this update.

Please, check this bug and solve it.

Hi, would you be able to file a bug report for this behavior so that we can investigate further? Thanks!

Ouch! Thanks much for sharing with the community. Wsa going to push this out but will hold off for now.