Breaking up website into multiple pages

My app has a quiz where they see a landing page, fill out a quiz, then go to fill out their information & page.

Should I breakup this process into 3 different pages to reduce page load time and optimize my app? Basically it would be Landing Page (Value Prop), Quiz Page (Quiz), then Payment Page (Pay & fill out info)

I’m thinking of doing this because I keep testing my app speed and it says it takes 8 - 10 seconds to load on mobile. But it only takes 3 - 5 seconds for me to load it on my phone.

Thanks! I appreciate it

Different pages definitely doesn’t hurt unless you plan to wrap and deploy to a native app. You could also employ some kind of fun imagery/verbiage to display while the application is actually loading. You may also want to try the Experimental feature “New, more performant elements rendering”

Just remember,

When you have multiple things one 1 page, everything gets loaded once. When you have things separated in 3 pages, it gets loaded 3 separate times.

So basically, would you want a longer initial load time and no wait time after, or break it up? The more data you have, the longer it could take.

However I have noticed, mobile speeds are always faster on my devices than they are on the tests. :thinking: