Best practice for app with 100 pages


I have an app with around a 100 pages (80pc pages are consumer facing).

Do the number of pages affect the load time of the page?

If so, how have you structured your app for optimizing load time.

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Hey there! :wave:

When I first started Bubble I had a lot of pages too. Now, I try to combine pages together, if it makes sense. For example, if you have a page to create a new thing, make the same page a place for the user to edit the thing they created as well. This will cut down pages by half. Also, use reusable elements when you can, then it won’t slow down so much. I have noticed, the more pages you have means the more elements you have. This, in turn, makes editing your app very sluggish as well. Hope that helps a bit! :blush:

Just for some context, I have one of my largest apps, my and eLearning Hub with a total of only 16 pages. That is actually quite a bit for me. I separated some of them out for simplicity. I can’t imagine having more than this. The eLearning Hub has multiple “pages” but it is still one page in my app.



Thanks Jason @J805

I think I can get rid of 20pc of the pages. WIll merge them.
How do you take backup of your pages (e.g. when you move to a different design or are implementing a muli-page upgrade ) ?

Are you using sub apps as well?

For backups of my pages, I only keep them temporarily. Once I am happy with the new design, I will remove the old ones. I haven’t used sub apps, haven’t needed to yet. :blush:

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Thank you so much for sharing.

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Welcome! Hope it helped! :blush: