Bringing data to next step to save to database

Hi, I have 2 data types: Ingredients & Recipe with the following structure
Name (text)

Name (text)
Instructions (text)
Ingredients (list of Ingredientses)

What I am trying to accomplish is have my user create a new Recipe and that Recipe will have multiple Ingredients with 2 attributes; Amount, Unit (option set).

Here are screenshots and my workflow. I am able to get everything setup except the ability to bring the data from the user submitted Amount & Unit forward (screen 1). From the final screen, a user would hit “Save” and the a new Recipe would be created. How can I accomplish this?

Screen 1:

Screen 2: added to show the full flow

Screen 3:

Thank you for any help!

The best way is to use a plugin to extract the information out of your repeating group.

I use the RepeatingGroup Tools by BDK in almost all my projects. It is awsome.

You can check it out in this link:

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