Bringing in user data from second app

Hi guys, I need help with something and was wondering if you could help me out…

I am creating a tutoring app and have created two apps on bubble- one for students to browse classes and book teachers, and the second for tutors to create a tutor profile and create classes.
How can I migrate the classes that the tutors create from the 2nd app to the student app so that the students see the classes that tutors have created (on the second app) in a classes section on the student app?

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I guess you have a compelling reason to build two apps, manage two databases and posting/getting data between the two.

The answer to your current setup would be to build endpoints and send/retrieve data with the api connector plugin


@soojungish, You can access data from another Bubble app via the API connector - so you can use that to access classes that have been created in your second app (for tutors) in your first app (for Students).

However, depending on how far you’ve got with the build (especially of the second app), I would consider how logical or necessary it is to use 2 separate apps for this??

It seems to me to be making things overly complex - it would be much simpler to use 1 app for both students and tutors - then everything is in one place, in one database, and can be accessed much easier without a need to use API.

But, as @cmarchan says above, if you’ve got a good reason to use 2 apps then connecting them via the API connector and endpoints is the way to go.

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I ended up making 2 user types within the same app. Thank you for the advice!