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Browsers Auto Fill

Anyone know how to stop your browser from autofilling forms? I’ve created a page where a user can update their info, address, phone, name etc. But when viewed safari auto populates some of the fields. I don’t want to turn it off for the browser itself as I do use the feature and I don’t want to have my users turn it off. So just trying to figure out how to stop this from happening. The yellow highlighted fields are whats being pre-populated by safari.

Also I only have safari so i’m assuming internet explorer, chrome, etc will do the same.

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You could insert an html block on the page that runs a piece of script to search for input fields and set the “autocomplete=off” parameter.

Preferably, go at the higher form element and set it there using;
<script>$("form").attr('autocomplete', 'off');</script>