Browsers that do not support TLS > 1.1 will not be able to access images and files uploaded to Bubble apps - June 28, 2023

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AWS S3, which Bubble uses to host files, is removing support for TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 on June 28, 2023. This means that certain unsupported browsers will not be able to access files and images uploaded on Bubble apps. Supported, up-to-date browsers will not be affected.

Here is a partial list of browsers that will no longer be able to access files and images on Bubble apps after this change:

  • Chrome < 30
  • Firefox < 27
  • IE < 10
  • Safari <7
  • Android < 5


In some cases, this can be worked around. This applies if your app has images or files whose URL begins with

If you would like for browsers on that do not support TLS versions about 1.1 to continue to be able to access your app’s files, as a workaround you can manually replace the URLs of your images and files, substituting with

For example:

Would be replaced with

Please let us know if you have any questions!


AWS Blog Post: TLS 1.2 to become the minimum TLS protocol level for all AWS API endpoints | AWS Security Blog

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Is the any reason why bubble wouldn’t implement that as a backup display workaround system wide for any images using the AWS url instead of cloud front.