Bubble Alternatives (new DB pricing context)

Okay…I guess everybody has found out about the new pricing plans Bubble has introduced, and how they are depending on the number of visitors and, most importantly, on the number of rows in your DB.

To me the problem with Bubble goes far more deeper that the number of rows in the database: Bubble has become very unpredictable. It’s not the first change of this type. Something similar has happened in 2019, too. And this unpredictability is the thing that scares me the most when it comes to developing new apps, businesses etc.

So, my question is: what is the best no-code/ low code alternative to bubble?

I’ll answer first: Webflow (front-end )+ Xano (back-end) seems to be a good option
Yes, Bubble + Xano would work, too, but there are 2 reasons for which I would avoid Bubble:

  1. Webflow is really good when it comes to Front-end design. Bubble is just mediocre in this area and seems to have lost its main advantages: back-end design and cheap administration
  2. Bubble is unpredictable (they could/ will charge the API calls, too)

dumb decisions. that’s what happens when you take vc money and hire 3 sales related for each 1 engineer.

Check out Wized. it runs on top of webflow!

Client Project Dashboard | Wized - YouTube


I’ve been tracking Bildr for a while, looks quite promising but still early days. There is Wappler, not quite as user-friendly/intuitive as Bubble, unfortunately, but scalable for sure.